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Eureka Youth Lacrosse
General Information
The Eureka Youth Lacrosse program was started to introduce boys and girls to the sport of Lacrosse and act as a feeder program for the Eureka Lacrosse High School program.  Our philosophy is simple, show up, work hard, respect the game and you will get play time.  Our focus is on player development and creating a love for the game.    
The Game
Lacrosse is called the fastest game on two feet and is our nation’s first team sport.  It was played by Native American Indians all across North America.  Lacrosse was played to develop young men into warriors and was called Tewaarathon meaning “little brother of war”.  Over time rules were created and the game modernized into what we play today.  There are 10 players per team, 3 Attack or offense, 3 midfielders and 3 defenders and a goalie.  The goal is a 6 x 6 foot steal cage with a net and the object of the game is to place the ball in your opponent’s goal.  Youth games are 40 minutes long and played in two 20 minute halves.  Lacrosse is a contact sport but much of the physical contact is regulated at the younger ages.  Although a contact sport it is primarily a game of quickness, speed and agility.  Game rules can be found at
Players are instructed on the fundamentals of the game of Lacrosse by volunteer parent coaches supported by the High School coaching staff and players.  Each coach participates in training offered by U.S. Lacrosse and goes through a background check.  The training includes Positive Coaching Alliance principals, fundamentals on technique, running practices and game strategy.  Our coaches also try to instill the life skills of hard work, perseverance, team work and good sportsmanship. 
National Support
U.S Lacrosse is the national governing body of Lacrosse, youth through High School.  Their website provides great information and membership in U.S. Lacrosse offers the added benefit of insurance coverage for players.  Player membership is $25 for a year and is mandatory to participate in Eureka Youth Lacrosse sponsored events including league play.
The Season
Lacrosse is a spring sport which is generally played from March through June. 
The Youth program plays in the St. Louis Youth Lacrosse Association
The season consists of 10 games played on Sundays at Sportport in Maryland Heights. 
Each team plays two games per Sunday.  Teams are formed and games played by birth date ranges U9, U11, U13, U15.  
Teams may be divided into “A” or “B” divisions based on team experience.  Players may play up but cannot play down.  We strive to limit teams to 20 players to ensure sufficient coaching to player ratio as well as game play time.         
Our club begins practices in March, generally once a week on Saturdays.  Once daylight savings hits we add one weeknight to the practice schedule.  Practices are generally 1.5 hours long and held locally in Eureka or Wildwood. 
Club Membership
Membership in US Lacrosse is a prerequisite and can be done separately at or when joining the club online at
Fees for the youth are $250 and include: player uniform, league team registration, practice field rental, scrimmage fees, administrative costs and miscellaneous equipment.  Membership can begin with a deposit but full payment must be made by the start of the season. 
Equipment – supplied by player
The Lacrosse stick or Crosse – Brand preference (STX, Warrior, Brine, etc) is a personal choice but new players should purchase a short or “Attack” stick with a hard mesh.
A defenseman stick or “long pole” may be purchased for defensive players U13 and older.  
Mandatory personal protective equipment includes the following:

  • NOCSAE approved lacrosse helmet (Hockey helmets are not permitted)
  • Shoulder pads
  • Elbow pads/ guards
  • Lacrosse gloves (Hockey gloves are not permitted)

Recommended safety equipment

  • Protective cup
  • Rib pads or shirt with rib padding stitched in

Lacrosse, football or soccer cleats are acceptable but not baseball cleats. 
*Note: be extremely cautious if purchasing used equipment.  Fit and protective qualities may not be assured if purchasing used gear. 
Equipment can be purchased locally at Total Lacrosse in Chesterfield Valley, Johnnie Macs, Dicks, and Sports Authority.     
Off Season Opportunities
We offer a fall outdoor session we call SMAX this is a low pressure practice to get the stick skills going.  
In winter we take SMAX indoors at The Field in Pacific
Summer leagues and camps abound and we send info on them as they become available. 
For more questions on the Eureka Youth Lacrosse program please contact our Youth Director via the site.